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An explosion of optical motifs that, playing between filled and empty spaces like on an artist’s canvas, evoke a euphoric and luminous imagery, thanks to modular micro and macro patterns that expand the surface of the wall. The protagonists are the clean and elementary geometric shapes, in which the line, the point, the circle, the triangle, merge into material surfaces giving life to digital transpositions of analogue visions. The result is imagery that transforms the space into a surreal container, a daydream, in which the technological vision almost loses consistency, leaving room for natural and oneiric landscapes. The colour palette, ranging from warm earth tones such as beige, brown, warm red, and orange, is enlivened by sophisticated touches of green and coral that complete the range. The wallpapers of Surrealistic Pillow support the evolution of contemporary living by introducing several decor possibilities and inaugurating brand-new expressive solutions.