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The designs of the Mr. Fantasy wallpapers travel in time, starting from classic tactile scenography, passing through the psychedelia of the 60s, arriving at the chromatic stylization of the 70s. In this chapter, the exploration of representation of floral decoration reaches its apex. The secret is to focus on intense shades to give personality and light to the ensemble. A fantastic and instinctive journey, populated with new shapes; irradiated with sensuality, capable of absorbing everything, to the point of blurring boundaries. Stimulating geometric shapes that vibrate on the chromatic contrast and more poetic depictions of floral bouquets and bucolic shades, waves and lace. Nothing is left to chance, from the interpretation of the shapes to the combinations of colour, to compose a graphic kaleidoscope capable of giving personality and identity to any space, in a rich set of warps and wefts that weave a new anthology through strokes of imagination.