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The beginning of a shared journey between idea and matter, a liaison capable of intertwining design and thought within the same plot. A  series of more personal and imperfect subjects make their way among the graphics, handmade drawings, rough and irregular textures, the representation of an interior graphical research that gives life to ethnic wallpapers with a primordial appeal. These expressive and functional images are characterized by a strong sense of chiaroscuro and the contrast between light and dark. A powerful expressive language, dedicated to the primitive forces of existence in a rich palette of earthy and monochromatic tones, interrupted by the lively tone of the warmest shades. Insisting on the strong bond that unites design to art as the one that underlies the eternal relationship between humankind and nature, with a ‘handmade’ look, we also witness an unexpected opulent interpretation of the tarot, in a harmonious coexistence of styles and inspirations that never ceases to amaze.