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The Daydreamer vol.2 | Wallpaper Collection


A collection is like a journey, and a journey always forms a memory that arouses emotions, generating the possibility of interpreting different creative horizons.

The Daydreamer expands its offer with the second volume of the collection, the result of a narrative that is already present in the Giopagani world, but revisited and full of new stimuli, inspired by the decorative elements that remain indelible in the imagination of an atmosphere. A single thought that wants to take on different styles and that expresses the desire to discover graphical aspects that may even be opposed to one another, but that exist within a well-defined creative and emotional philosophy. An all-encompassing path where design, fashion, music, photography, and architecture come together in a natural and sophisticated mix.

The setting is the Vertical Forest of Milan, the building that symbolizes a new architecture of biodiversity, which adds appeal to the collection thanks to the variations in colour and the shapes of the plant structure, which generate a large, iridescent, and highly recognizable landmark.

The new collection moves from a floral theme to abstractionism; it tries to experiment with different artistic paths than those previously treaded, exploring intense universes with an ethnic flavour.

A path that emphasizes the eclecticism and universal nature of taste; an itinerary that crosses Europe, Asia, and Africa, leaving indelible traces in the graphics that can be seen within the collection. The search for extreme depth in the composition is able to develop over large surfaces by skilfully mixing blush, burnt, rusty tones, macro geometry, lace, tarot cards, and botanical elements. The result is an almost primordial elegance, reinterpreted through the colours of the earth with tribal accents, in which each subject is embellished and sophisticated. The graphics become a substantial element of the architectural project; a story to dress the environments and make them evocative.

A nostalgic rock soul accompanies The Daydreamer, with rough accents and unexpected refined details. Thus each wallpaper transforms into a musical piece. A collection of tracks that guides the viewer like a soundtrack, to give a sound to aesthetics and inspiration, almost like composing an LP.

Wallpapers become music to listen to and not just to see. 



An explosion of optical motifs that, playing between filled and empty spaces like on an artist’s canvas, evoke a euphoric and luminous imagery, thanks to modular micro and macro patterns that expand the surface of the wall. The protagonists are the clean and elementary geometric shapes, in which the line, the point, the circle, the triangle, merge into material surfaces giving life to digital transpositions of analogue visions. The result is imagery that transforms the space into a surreal container, a daydream, in which the technological vision almost loses consistency, leaving room for natural and oneiric landscapes. The colour palette, ranging from warm earth tones such as beige, brown, warm red, and orange, is enlivened by sophisticated touches of green and coral that complete the range. The wallpapers of Surrealistic Pillow support the evolution of contemporary living by introducing several decor possibilities and inaugurating brand-new expressive solutions.



The beginning of a shared journey between idea and matter, a liaison capable of intertwining design and thought within the same plot. A  series of more personal and imperfect subjects make their way among the graphics, handmade drawings, rough and irregular textures, the representation of an interior graphical research that gives life to ethnic wallpapers with a primordial appeal. These expressive and functional images are characterized by a strong sense of chiaroscuro and the contrast between light and dark. A powerful expressive language, dedicated to the primitive forces of existence in a rich palette of earthy and monochromatic tones, interrupted by the lively tone of the warmest shades. Insisting on the strong bond that unites design to art as the one that underlies the eternal relationship between humankind and nature, with a ‘handmade’ look, we also witness an unexpected opulent interpretation of the tarot, in a harmonious coexistence of styles and inspirations that never ceases to amaze.



Macro-geometry is the protagonist, pure colour becomes total space, which envelops and leads to hypnotic sensations, to new visual shores, to fantastic journeys. Backgrounds of colour in which the boundaries and shades are the detail of a movement. The wallpapers in Wheels Of Fire develop on the evocative imagery that derives from the cultural movement to which Rothko belongs, Color field painting, characterized by the use of large hemp canvases with fields of flat, solid colour spread across them. The movement rejects any factor related to shape, stroke, and material, focusing exclusively on the effects derived from the combinations of the various fields of colour. In color field painting, like in these subjects, colour is the only strength and takes on an actual role, arousing emotions.



The designs of the Mr. Fantasy wallpapers travel in time, starting from classic tactile scenography, passing through the psychedelia of the 60s, arriving at the chromatic stylization of the 70s. In this chapter, the exploration of representation of floral decoration reaches its apex. The secret is to focus on intense shades to give personality and light to the ensemble. A fantastic and instinctive journey, populated with new shapes; irradiated with sensuality, capable of absorbing everything, to the point of blurring boundaries. Stimulating geometric shapes that vibrate on the chromatic contrast and more poetic depictions of floral bouquets and bucolic shades, waves and lace. Nothing is left to chance, from the interpretation of the shapes to the combinations of colour, to compose a graphic kaleidoscope capable of giving personality and identity to any space, in a rich set of warps and wefts that weave a new anthology through strokes of imagination.