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Sinuous perceptions of geometries, colours, and evocative patterns. Like an ancient decor, wood becomes a pure element of wall and floor decoration and it is suitable for rhythmic texture printing which recall atmospheres of the ‘60s.


Unprecedented movements and multiform structures break the schemes of the classic wooden caisson floor. The inspiration comes from tradition, but the combination of geometrical shapes, shades and nuances, gives life to the original and eclectic concept of wooden composition.


Joints, grooves, clashes between full and empty. Relief effects to experiment and compose. The new frontier of boiserie is the volume, a form of decoration that is applied to wood giving new and considerable importance to the room.


The recovery of an antique Japanese technique and of its sage fire control give life to a unique collection, made by one element only: a new, black boiserie with an almost shiny surface. The unusual processing transfers the tactile feelings and the aesthetic characteristics of elephant skin on wooden texture.


The elegance of the wood conceals a primitive essence, which is the synthesis of all the forces that created and shaped it. It is a living material, that shall be treated with respect and passion. Each single element drawn by nature deserves to be valorized with treatments and pigments that enhance the innate grains.


Details that come back from the past and create geometric compositions made by linear shapes. Volumes that emerge and immerse their selves in the surface, citing iconic elements from design history. It is the elegance playing with essentiality.