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Project in partnership with COIMA Image

Just like water, light takes the form of its container. It plays on the contrast with shadows, those immaterial accomplices of reflections on walls; it plays with the hours of the day, and it goes hand-in-hand with the seasons. Light is the principal matrix that gives volumes the substance of thought. 

Seeing such a spectacle from the 24th floor of the Bosco Verticale skyscraper is a show in itself, and when you enter the actual apartment the effect is sheer magic. The ample spaces, furnished with a taste for the unusual detail, are the best possible calling card for the design team. As soon as you cross the threshold, everything becomes clearer. The opening of this story is spacious and airy, but offers not a glimpse of the ending. 

A few metres ahead, a living room filled with natural touches awaits the visitor, whose eye is guided by the glossy lacquered finish of its maple panelling, the brushed natural oak of the Italian herringbone floor. The sectional sofa, upholstered in taupe soft wool bouclè, dominates the scene and sets the stage for conversation, while the twin tables in the dining area promise moments of convivial pleasure. In crafting the custom lighting fixtures, master artisans created an interesting mix of metal and Murano glass. 

The living room space flows into that of the custom designed kitchen, which is also entered from a shared hallway. The marbling of the shelves and the walls, plus the matt finish of the wood, create an air of timeless sophistication. 

The night zone reflects the elegance that has made Milan a capital of design and architecture. The sleeping area is skilfully laid out, and quite separate from the home’s daytime activities.  The master bedroom has a bathroom lined in Sardinian breccia marble and a walk-in closet. The cloth headboard, whose design is reminiscent of an 18th century alcove, is crowned by a canopy fitted to the wall, with the coordinated chinoiserie upholstery creating a graphic effect. 

The colours in all the rooms run along the same elegant spectrum, from cream to “biscuit” then shading into dark brown, and the same applies to the materials used in the bathrooms, whose common element is precious Ambrosia and Sardinian breccia marble. Uniqueness and style in a high level home. 



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