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The compositional process is that of a large single-family house, solitary in the center of an uncontaminated land, bounded by the free and linear horizon of the plateau. Here, in the middle of the barren land, treated as a virgin building lot, the architecture stands out clearly as a complete entity with defined limits. But its borders are not "introverted", they are open to the visual enjoyment of the outside world, through the creation of external living spaces, rooms without walls that become parts of the overall solution.

The relationship with the context and the sequence of the two superimposed floors rests on a sort of continuous architectural ribbon that reinterprets the flavor of the Mediterranean house, developing, bending to form rooms and roof, external areas raised from the ground as platforms and terraces. A solid façade clad in ambrosia, to the north, is flanked by the harmonious antithesis of the south and east façades, fully glazed and open to the plateau.

The living-dining-kitchen sequence meets the outdoor space, overlooking the living room, the swimming pool on the ground floor connects to an elevated shaded patio for a cool comfort.



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