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The perfectly preserved palace from the second half of the 1800s stands compactly on the right bank of the Seine. Its friezes and plum-colored zinc "hat" make it a perfect example of the architecture of the Ville Lumière.

Rive Droite aims to be a redevelopment of an apartment on the banks of the Seine in Paris, where the color of the furnishings becomes the fil-rouge of Interior Design. The spaces still retain evident traces of the nineteenth century. The stuccoes, frames and doors are the original ones while the furnishings, designed with sober lines, give the rooms a more contemporary look through the use of colors and plays of light.

A neutral box that host material and chromatic contrast to characterize the spaces, shades of grays and black accent given by exotic pattern.

The 150 square meters have been redesigned so that the dining area could become a connecting space between the kitchen and the bedrooms.

In one of the two living rooms an Ornella armchair in Japura velvet selected by the ROMO publisher identifies the reading corner, while in the other the Saint-Germain sofa creates a convivial space.

The dining room with the Atomic table in smoked mirror creates plays of light by expanding the spaces. The windows and doors with the original friezes embellish the environment, well lit by the large windows.

In the master bedroom the Voyage d’Une Nuit bed reigns supreme, in black shining leather in contrast with the bright and white environment.



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