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A sublime oasis in the middle of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, known to be one of the widest and hottest in America.

Realized with raw earth, the house is oriented along the east-west axis reducing, on these sides, the openings to the outside. The living room and bedrooms extend into patios that open to the south and offer spectacular views of the desert.

The architectural aim was not to camouflage the building blending it with the surrounding nature, but to make it clearly visible to all, but at the same time harmonious, not disturbing.

The pool area is completely covered with cerulean tiles. The wooden canopy wraps and protects the top, creating large outdoor spaces used as a solarium.

The design of the interior spaces organically adapts to the external environment through the use of materials and volumes.

The palette used recalls the surrounding natural environment, through the use of earthy colors and organic materials.

On the inside, the spaces are characterized by large volumes that follow one another without interruption, in which, thanks to the double exposure of the central body surrounded by windows that blur the boundaries between building and landscape, one has the perception that each internal environment is based on the surrounding nature.

The functional division of the rooms is given by the staggering of the floors, allowing a spatial reading without visual barriers.

Like the architecture, the use of the furnishings was conceived to integrate naturally into the space: iconic elements of the GIOPAGANI collection, designed to interpret the warm atmosphere of the house.

In the dining area there is the sculptural table L’Armando in green onyx which, surrounded by the Déjà Vu chairs, creates plays of light and backlight of great visual impact; while in the living room, the Moonage Daydream modular sofa set against the Senza Fine coffee tables recalls the marked lines of architecture.

In the large master bedroom, the natural light permeates from the large windows, creating a suggestive and sensual atmosphere. The clear furniture combined with dark wood emphazise the contrast given by the shadowplay.

The Terra Rossa project aims to be a new way of conceiving the GIOPAGANI project at 360°, from architecture and interior design to furnishings and accessories.



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