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CHANDELIER  consisting of a ceiling plate hosting 6 curved arms, each of which supports a Murano glass boule diffuser. The diffusers are handcrafted with traditional glassblowing technique, available in 3 different colors: Amber, Antique Green and Fading White. The metal structure can be chosen among the finishes: polished brass, polished steel, matt black, Hanami and Deep Jade Crayon Color. The ILLOGICA ALLEGRIA chandelier is available in two different heights.


HIGH_ D107xH160 cm – WEIGHT 40 kg
LOW_ D107xH130 cm – WEIGHT 38 kg


The brand GIOPAGANI makes its first foray into interior lighting and presents its capsule collection ILLOGICA ALLEGRIA, with a more contemporary inspiration that confirms the eclectic style and transversal approach, between shapes and function, of the brand.‎ For Maison GIOPAGANI, its debut in lighting means clothing a room’s mood and temperature with light.‎ It is a presence that adds an accent and contributes to the look as a whole.‎ GIOPAGANI lights are always in tune with the brand’s philosophy, which is to interpret shapes by clothing them in material and color.‎ ILLOGICA ALLEGRIA lights are both in Murano glass and metal.‎ The hand- blown glass diffusers, ranging from deep amber to aquamarine and a nuanced white that shades to transparent, are paired with metals that reprise three of the colors collection: brass, copper and black pigment.‎ The colors of the diffusers and metals can be combined and contrasted in a harmonious balance depending on the atmosphere one wishes to create.‎

material combination
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