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A DAY IN THE LIFE dining table

A Day In The Life Dining Table is part of the Helter Skelter capsule collection. The top in lightened wood lacquered, glossy or matt, in the GIOPAGANI Crayon color selection, is supported by two metal plates, which anchor the top to the feet. The feet are made up of two half cylinders, in curved wood lacquered on the out-side and metal on the inside and on the plinth. The metal parts can be realized in polished brass, polished steel or matt black finish.


ROUND_ ø180xH74 cm
MID_ L240xW120xH74 cm
LARGE_ L290xW120xH74 cm



In the 1960s, society experienced a cultural youth revolt that rejected conservative conventions and models. Not approval according to rigid schemes, but freedom of aesthetic expression. Helter Skelter is a tribute to the age of contamination between the arts, of spasmodic research into the new, of experimentation and complete liberation from schemes. It is a still image that wants to re-read that moment of the Beat Generation. A Capsule featuring casual shapes, a fusion of formal and informal, disrespectful of contemporary trends but with a memory of lines, materials and colors that interpret and re-elaborate that aesthetic.

material combination
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