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Capsule Collections

Senza Fine

SENZA FINE is a new capsule collection in refined colours, with a subtle but penetrating modernity.‎ The reference is to an historic period that marked the birth of the Italian design culture, a tribute to the perception and imagination of an era when design, fashion and architecture interpreted the power of freedom and nonconformity.‎ Design is clothed in strong colour, influences blend and the arts sing the same tune, that of an aesthetic sense as precise, refined and unconventional as GIOPAGANI’s creative universe.‎ Maison GIOPAGANI reveals its appetite for playing with colour.‎ Clean and simple line become complex when clothed .‎

Helter Skelter


In the 1960s, society experienced a cultural youth revolt that rejected conservative conventions and models. Not approval according to rigid schemes, but freedom of aesthetic expression. Helter Skelter is a tribute to the age of contamination between the arts, of spasmodic research into the new, of experimentation and complete liberation from schemes. It is a still image that wants to re-read that moment of the Beat Generation. A Capsule featuring casual shapes, a fusion of formal and informal, disrespectful of contemporary trends but with a memory of lines, materials and colors that interpret and re-elaborate that aesthetic.

Esprit Noir

Inspired by the movement of Concrete Art, the shapes of Esprit Noir are unveiled by decoration and symbolism, exasperating the contrast between pure material and abstract graphics in an expressive balance that enhances the functionality of the object.

Fleurs du Mal


“One morning we set sail, with brains on fire, and hearts swelled up with rancorous emotion, balancing, to the rhythm of its lyre, our infinite upon the finite ocean.‎ [.‎ .‎ .‎ ] But the true voyagers are only those who leave, just to be leaving [.‎ .‎ .‎ ] And without knowing why they always say: “Let’s go!” C.‎ B.‎ Like Flowers of Evil, this collection suggests an aesthetic reinterpretation of beauty encompassed in metal frames marked by time in search of eternity.‎ Strong matters like a symbol of the stylistic avant-gardism enlisted in the creative process.‎

Unknown Pleasures


UNKNOWN PLEASURES is the desire to restore order in a world of chaos, recalling the dichotomy of the 80’s between the frantic artistic research, with the arising New Wave movement, and the rigorous aesthetic which was defining the iconic status of the Italian Haute-couture in the world.‎ UNKNOWN PLEASURES is a capsule collection characterized by a rhythmic aesthetic, made of pure and simple geometries.‎


SARTORIA highlights “Haute Couture” garments where both the attention to the material and the details are the main elements of this collection.‎ Starting point of a philosophy that draws its inspiration from the Fashion world to be reinterpreted into Design, Sartoria dresses its products exalting a pure soul.‎

Chat Noir

Meeting point of Paris during the Belle Epoque, CHAT NOIR reflects the artistic spirit of the blooming period of Art Nouveau.‎ A definition of perfect harmony between strength and delicacy of the material shapes this collection.‎

The making of a masterpiece - L'Armando