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Opening the doors of GIOPAGANI World Apart is entering a universe made of multi-shaped inspirations that flow into eclectic pieces of furniture in order to create unique atmospheres and raise emotions.

Each Capsule Collection is like a mirror that send us back to a particular memory. Objects that combine the charme of timeless design with the ultra-contemporary codes of Fashion, the art of bespoke of Haute-Couture, the rigor of Architecture, the power of expression of Visual Arts. 

A personal aesthetic touch that goes straight into the heart like an Haute-Couture dress. Like a two-way ticket towards the known codes of the past to be reinterpreted in an avant-gardist language. An intensity of research and creation aimed at transform the ordinary in extraordinary, the shapes and materials into emotions. 

Furniture, lighting, carpets, floors, walls: an harmonious symphony of elements that becomes transversal and suggests ambiences that become a true stage. 

The stage of your private life. Let the show begin.