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Lay on You

GIOPAGANI presents its first collection of carpets: new particles to enrich the atmosphere of the Maison’s microcosms.‎ The 14 MONO designs are confirmation of how it aspires to enliven rooms with color, rewriting the space and creating a trait d’union that excite emotions.‎ Patterned models reinterpret Optical Art in a modern vein, with carpets featuring plays on perspective in black and white that are a harmonious blend of dynamism and precise lines and shapes.‎ The line of two-tone shaded-effect models, with its strong decorative and chromatic impact that runs from one pole to the other of the color horizon, breaks all the traditional moulds.‎ The result of a search for still-precious craftsmanship, Maison GIOPAGANI carpets are made of natural silk and hand-knotted in Nepal.‎ They reflect the brand’s connection with the concept of travel as an unchanging source of new inspiration, and the discovery of unexplored frontiers and new material horizons.‎