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  • Every journey is an experience. Every experience leads to a new project increasing the creative baggage of the architect Gio Pagani. His eclectic contamination runs into different projects linked together by the parallel artistic development.

    Thus, was born in 2009 a successful ongoing collaboration with Wall&Decò, aimed at redefining the image and role of wallpaper, a product sometimes considered outmoded. Thanks to the expertise of the pioneering wallpaper Italian brand and the creative verve of the GIOPAGANI Maison, this project managed to bring the wall covering to an uncharted path.

    Through this stunning project, especially in the Middle East, United States and UK, GIOPAGANI revisited the wallpaper’s soul as creative and essential decorative item. A union between Art and Architecture to make unique the spaces surrounding us and to customize our own everyday life. The Wallpaper becomes a protagonist of our interior turning the wall into a picture, a comic strip, a tattoo… in short a Story.

    This story telling passes through the making of assets of visual communication: creating a powerful collaboration, with international photographers and a team of experts, enhances the suggestion of the atmospheres and add a great value to the whole project.               

    The destination of this journey is not only to design a wall covering but offering a full perception of where an emotional interior customization could bring to.