The co-branding between GIOPAGANI and the Gianni Seguso company, master glassmaker from the family that has embodied the value of ability and mastery in the Murano glass blowing since 1300, gives rise to the chandelier Éclat de Plomb.

The explosion of leaves, flowers and decorations typical of the classical, bright, colorful and transparent Rezzonico, is interpreted by GIOPAGANI maintaining the formal aspect and the original structure, creating a softened monochrome version. The brilliance typical of the traditional Murano blown glass has been replaced with a technique called layered (“incamiciato”) glass, presented in a matt gray lead color. A single blue flower, the typical Murano “acqua mare” color is crystal clear: a chromatic and material dystonia that represents true purity.

The whole structure are made one by one by hand, individually moulded, a world away from the logic of industrial production, in line with the excellence and preciousness of the craftsmanship. In each of the eighteen arms that make up the Éclat de Plomb, about twenty little glasses are interlinked with one another, made one at a time.

The Éclat de Plomb chandelier takes up to 20 days of work for a Master glass worker and other two expert craftsmen.

  • ECLAT DE PLOMB Chandelier


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cm H150-250xW140-180