Pas de deux
The space becomes music

Milan, Via Montebello 30. The door opens on a dreamy atmosphere. The light of the Chandelier is sweet. “Illogica Allegria”. Indescribable joy. I immediately felt like I was dancing without moving. Shapes emerge from the light as a body language. She dances with the space and she is as delicate as the surfaces that she gently touches with her body. A pas-de-deux with the ambience, conceived with the purpose of unveiling emotions. An harmonious and seductive invitation to abandon oneself to the current of memory and senses.

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  • SMALL: L210xW95xH74 cm / L83xW37xH29 inLARGE: L250xW95xH74 cm / L98xW37xH29 in

  • W55xD59xH71 (seat H45) cmW22xD23xH28 (seat H18) in

  • LOW: D107xH130 cm / D42xH51 in - WEIGHT 38 kg / 84 lbsHIGH: D107xH150 cm / D42xH63 in - WEIGHT 40 kg / 88 lbs

  • LARGE: cm L360xW240 / in L142xW94MEDIUM: cm L300xW200 / in L118xW79SMALL: cm L240xW170 / in L94xW67CUSTOM SIZE ON REQUEST

Tattoo is the most serious game you can play

Posh Petrol. Thin Air. Two blues. Two shades. Two intensities. The walls highlight the stylistic avant-garde of “Les Fleurs du Mal” Capsule Collection in a theatrical revival. His name is Gian Maurizio Fercioni. A man of the world. A nonchalant allure, 70s Anglo-Saxon look. One of the first Art Director and costume designer at La Scala Opera Theatre in Milano and for the most important Opera Theatres of Europe. And a tattoo legend. Theater and tattoo, two passions, two worlds that fit. Two worlds that are inspiration for GIOPAGANI, as we find references in wallpaper design and marble inlay surfaces. Signs that leave a memory. On your skin and inside your private space.

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The ritual

Senza Fine Capsule Collection. Refined colours and a subtle but piercing modernity. A philosophy embodied by a wide-ranging vocabulary of colour, energy and impetuosity sending vibes of what seems a Gong Fu Cha, the Chinese tea ceremony. Silk kimono and an attitude that becomes gratitude. “We drink tea to forget the noise of the world.” A recognized art, just like painting, poetry and music, that goes beyond conventions and gives power to the gentlest gestures.

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  • CENTRAL MODULE: W70xD94xH82 (seat H38) cm / W28xD37xH32 (seat H15) inTERMINAL MODULE: W90xD94xH82 (seat H38) cm / W35xD37xH32 (seat H15) inCORNER IN MODULE: W70xD90xH82 (seat H38) cm / W28xD35xH32 (seat H15) inCORNER OUT MODULE: W84xD90xH82 (seat H38) cm / W33xD35xH32 (seat H15) inANGULAR MODULE: W153xD94xH82 (seat H38) cm / W60xD37xH32 (seat H15)...

  • W100xD45xH160 cmW39xD18xH63 in

  • L110xW110xH38 cmL43xW43xH15 in

  • L50xW50xH50 cmL20xW20xH20 in

  • LOW: D38xH150 cm / D15xH59 inHIGH: D38xH170 cm / D15xH67 in

Milano, 6pm - Suite GIOPAGANI

3 minutes to the catwalk. The surprise of finding her in a Millennial Pink suite. Marble inlays, houndstooth patterns. The Pink gives her a kind of ironic prettiness, or post-prettiness. It’s a way to be pretty while retaining her intellectual detachment. It’s a wish that prettiness could be de-problematised. She is dazzling. Aware of herself and what she is going to accomplish. A new diva is born. The rays of the sun illuminate the precious embroidery of her dress. The scene seems disproportionate to me. She and her dream look so great.

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Black cannot exist without White

Black or white? Both. Because one cannot exist without the other. A chase between two protagonists. They are looking for each other, finding themselves, hiding themselves. We live in an aesthetic that no longer has bounds of belonging, beyond clichés. Him or her in the fusion of a single freedom of expression.

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  • 2 SEATER: W226xD106xH75 (seat H40) cm / W89xD42xH30 (seat H16) in3 SEATER: W304xD106xH75 (seat H40) cm W120xD42xH30 (seat H16) in

  • Custom length W50xH44 cm / W20xH17 in

  • L250xW130xH74 cmL98xW51xH29 in

  • L34xW28xH53 cm / L13xW11xH21 inWEIGHT 7 kg / 15,5 lbs

  • W58xD69xH74 (seat H45) cmW23xD27xH29 (seat H18) in

  • LARGE: cm L360xW240 / in L142xW94MEDIUM: cm L300xW200 / in L118xW79SMALL: cm L240xW170 / in L94xW67CUSTOM SIZE ON REQUEST