Your philosophy is perfused by a transversal knowledge of any form of art, like a melting pot of cultures you get from travels, in the experiences you bring in your work. However, if you had to pick the most significant, which travel would be your one? When you’re young and fresh you think you already have a style and you’re able to handle the creative approach. That you already own the truth.

The trip that changed me the most is the one that made me understand that I had nothing on my side, that reset me to a blank sheet ready to be written.
I was in Tokyo and I started to learn a different culture, to grasp the essence of shapes and the obsessive research over inlays, to perceive the ancestral culture of that place, to get into the story of an object, to live rituals and colors.

I learned step by step to comprehend and interpret the strong graphic heritage behind their calligraphy, their decorations and embroideries. The history of those atmospheres opened my eyes. This path developed my passion for traditional tattoos I saw conceived by centuries old families passing on this art from generations. From that journey on, I faced every new journey and place with a wider spirit, from Doha to Shanghai, passing through Paris and Italy of course in all of its corners: from there I started bringing with me flavors, scents and experiences always affecting my approach to the world.

It is noticeable through your projects the importance of performing Arts, like music or cinema. Which one do you think is more suitable to express the emotional aspects of Maison GIOPAGANI?

I grew up listening to music charmed by the Rock singing of undeceived everyday heroes who built their dream little by little. A generation for which music was the fastest way to travel, to break the borders and open your mind and fantasies. I listened to imagine, to look beyond words.

So if I had to choose between music and movies… always music! The sound and the words let you wander, they let you be your own director. So it is today, if the radio broadcasts Jungle Land or Comfortably Numb my head flies.

Often, even the lyrics of those same songs that marked or still mark me, become wall installations. As a famous Italian actor said: words matter!
It happens to each one of us to listen to a song that shakes your spine, or as a singer of my dearest said “that rips the bones from your back”. This is what I look for in everything.

You often say Art is a huge source of inspiration and affects your workflow so much. What does Art mean for you and how do you live it?

I’ve always lived art with extreme respect. It’s an endless universe we’ll never entirely reach, that teaches rules and styles for every aesthetic discipline whether figurative or conceptual.

Each moment in history created and told different tales that enchanted me. Sometimes I bring myself into topics that remain inside me, charmed, for instance, by the female figure, by the dreamy portrait of an impalpable Danae, to the contemporary toughness of an Olaf’s shot. Abstract Art, figurative art, hyper realistic art passing through the Pop-Art movement, irreverent moments that turned an entire generation upside-down.

In all this traveling I have to know the artist, his life, chase the meaning in his creative path in constant evolution, probably unable to speak just one language.
Then one day, after all you’ve seen and you think you’ve learned a lot from it, you find yourself in the Rothko Chapel in Houston and while you’re sitting there you realize that you’re listening to a masterpiece and understand that ‘til that moment you didn’t know what the color and the infinite meant.

Maison GIOPAGANI spins around the fashion world. As this is a system always in motion and in constant evolution, could you share with us a particular moment that marked your creative life?

Fashion depicts the polaroid of our life, of our style, it changes us, talks to us and makes us step forward. A creative process cannot exist that’s not affected by this world.

I live of its colors, its matters, its communication, of the research fueling each collection without being subjected to a specific influence but every time fascinated by different flashes.

If I had to focus on one turning point in time, I would probably quote Tom Ford who in 1995 launched the first Gucci Collection shaking up the image of the Creative Director. From that moment on, style started melting with communication part and photography Art featuring masters like Roitfeld, Testino, Avedon, Meisel or Newton to convey a stylistic and conceptual revolution that changed Fashion’s world. Sensuality and Elegance transformed the way of thinking and how to communicate the design. My business partner says there are some things we cannot debate and the above example is one of them!

I often compare myself to a tailor, he immerses himself in the culture of his client trying to figure out who he is to realize the perfect outfit capable to represent him. Designing without being familiar, without understanding and interpretation, I assume this exercise is an end in itself.

What would you be if you were a poem?

“Flowers of Evil”. I quoted in one of my Capsule Collections the poem that sticks with me the most and loved so much. They have been called “Poètes Maudits” because they were hard to understand and didn’t fit in a predefined stereotype of life. They narrated of an everlasting journey made of countless starting points, and the reason is that we don’t know what our destination is.

Perhaps in this masterpiece, I read of a singing life that I’ve heard in so many songs that are part of me, and maybe also because a wild soul is always looking for that thing that makes it dream.

This is what happens in each of my projects, in each challenge that brings our creativity to something that remains. This is an endless process. I acquired experiences and emotions from my travels, always different from one to another. They change me, make me grow up. In the same way, each project is a new journey meant to be unique.